2020 Transition Phase for IoT

Will 2020 Be The Transition Phase of Internet Of Things?

By Ashim Goldar 0 Comment April 28, 2020

The rapid transformation in technology observed today is the possible outcome of IoT exploration and development. Its introduction and then attempt for holistic adoption by the businesses have dragged in several changes. There are IoT development companies which are aiming to get the best version of IoT for making everything smart and intelligent. IoT system […]

Can IoT predict future outbreaks

How can IoT be Used to Fight Against COVID-19?

By Ritesh Sutaria 0 Comment April 22, 2020

The current COVID-19 is disturbing countries; the increasing cases and death news has alerted everyone.WHO has declared COVID-19 a global pandemic on 11 March 2020. The world is facing challenges currently like identifying the origin of the epidemic, decelerating its spread, and having enough medical resources to treat patients. Pain points in a virus pandemic: […]

Can Projects Be Easily Managed in COVID-19 Stress

Need for a Project Management Tool in COVID-19 Lockdown

By Ritesh Sutaria 0 Comment April 13, 2020

The corona outbreak has coerced everyone to get boxed to save their own and others’ lives. The time’s call for quarantine is contributing to the deceleration of the corona flu influence, but it has also disturbed the market, economy, and businesses. Most of the offices are granting work from home, and it is pretty tough […]

Prompt Softech Named Top Internet of Things Developer by Clutch

Prompt Softech Named Top Internet of Things Developer by Clutch

By prompt 0 Comment March 25, 2020

Our team here at Prompt Softech has some exciting news to share with you all! just called our offices here in beautiful Ahmedabad and let us know that Prompt Softech was named one of the world’s best Internet of Things developers by Clutch! Internet of Things is an essential part of any modern business […]

Embedded Security expansion in the IoT world

How can Embedded Security be Managed in the IoT World?

By Ritesh Sutaria 0 Comment March 3, 2020

Technology has re-evolved itself to get its best potential look — the shift from a simple mobile to a smart one and now e-sim and IoT. Everything is just magical and startling. The Top Embedded Companies have stirred up to meet the demands and are absolutely nailing in their division. IoT has certainly come up […]

IoT- An advanced approach to update small businesses

IoT- An Advanced Approach to Update Small Businesses

By prompt 1 Comment February 20, 2020

Are you in the race to turn into a successful entrepreneur? Is the transition in the technology is often worrisome? Looking for something which can settle you as a hard competitor to already matured businesses? It’s absolutely a significant challenge to make a stand in the market. Either if you are in health care or […]

How IoT solutions can enhance agriculture in 2020

How IoT Solutions can Enhance Agriculture in 2020?

By Ritesh Sutaria 2 Comments February 12, 2020

After taking a look at the attempts made by IoT to influence different sectors and technologies, its clear that IoT has developed a remarkable space in all the types of market, say manufacturing or smart home, mobile app or healthcare etc. Most of the attempts are successful and are strongly upheaving the business. Well, this […]

Know how IoT can double your hospitality business

Know How IoT can Double Your Hospitality Business?

By Shivangi Mishra 0 Comment February 4, 2020

IoT this very much ‘in-use’ word can be simply moulded as a concept to connect all digital devices embedded with software, sensors, network connectivity and necessary electronics. It permits them to collect and exchange data, making them responsive and “smart”. The Internet of Things has now fitted itself in all industries, viz logistics, healthcare, sports, […]

Top 13 Expected IoT Trends of 2020

Top 13 Expected IoT Trends of 2020

By Shivangi Mishra 8 Comments January 22, 2020

2020 has just arrived and hence stir in technology is obvious to notice. IoT has been grabbing the attention since it has made a space in the technology, and its tremendous use in the coming year is absolutely predictable. Gartner has predicted that in the year 2020, about 20 billion devices would be connected to […]

Is IIoT is the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Is IIoT is the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

By prompt 0 Comment December 31, 2019

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is the next revolution which has finally entered the industrial world and made a recognizable impact on the market. It has permitted the manufacturing industry to digitize its overall business. Most of the large scale manufacturers know about this highly-profitable revolution but still lack the knowledge for where to concentrate, […]