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Why to choose a smart-lock for door

Why Every Lock Manufacturer Needs IoT Enabled Lock as a Product

By prompt 1 Comment July 16, 2019

Technology has waved the flag for more inventions and innovations in the tech world. Every year a new concept comes up and then it turns into a product. The already existing product lines up in old-fashioned and new gets trending in the market. Internet of things has become an important part of the market. Most […]

6 Valid Reasons on why the Intersection of Mobile App Development with Blockchain is a Necessity

By prompt 0 Comment July 2, 2019

The blockchain is up and coming technology of the recent times and rightfully so. The main reason being that this technology offers features such as security and reliability like no other. Not surprisingly, mobile app development services are embracing this technology like never before. For example, tech giants like Microsoft and Facebook have been merging […]

How to Use Swagger Tool for API Documentation

How to Use Swagger Tool for API Documentation?

By prompt 0 Comment June 19, 2019

Swagger, it is a framework which is used to describe the API using a common language that is familiar to everyone. It can be referred to as a blueprint for a house. We can compare it with the blueprint of house. You can choose the building materials of your choice, but you have to stick […]

Top 6 Cross-Platform Mobile Application Frameworks

Top 6 Cross-Platform Mobile Application Frameworks

By prompt 0 Comment June 11, 2019

Mobile industry and mobile app development industry both are on the peak of its advancement. The new additions in technology not only forces us to say ‘wow’ but also captivates us in it as well. But the human kinds are just trapped into it without knowing much technicalities. So, before you join this mobile app […]

How does involvement of latest A.I improves Android system_

How does Involvement of Latest AI Improves Android System?

By prompt 0 Comment June 3, 2019

Artificial intelligence, the word so familiar today, was first heard in 1955 by John McCarthy at Dartmouth Conference. This new word then was assumed to be less unusual until 1990 knocked. But the visions, thoughts and demands changed with the lapse of time, and today AI stands as one of the useful ministers in the […]

How Latest Google Duplex will Make Difference in Your Life

How Latest Google Duplex will Make Difference in Your Life?

By prompt 0 Comment May 29, 2019

Google is blooming with the latest additions that can provide comfort and secured work zone to the Homo sapiens. Recently Google has blanketed the tech news channel by its new project ‘Google Duplex.’ Duplex is a new project that is currently live in most of the U.S. It allows individual users to make a restaurant […]

Hire Laravel Developers who surpass the 5 common mistakes

Hire Laravel Developers Who Surpass The 5 Common Mistakes

By prompt 1 Comment May 24, 2019

We are breathing in the era which is predominated by technologies. The domination over each and every sector including business has fostered the demand for more and more advancement in the field. Today, developers are engaged in the utilization of PHP. The excessive success received by the use of the PHP framework has approved its […]

How should I select a technology stack for my startup?

How should I Select a Technology Stack for my Startup?

By prompt 0 Comment May 20, 2019

Switching to one-another technology has not just become a trend but also demand of the time. The advancement in technology has triggered the use and demand in parallel. The mobile app development industry is the most influenced of all. The changes in the programs and the addition of latest technologies has explored a better way […]