Month: November 2019

How to improve Web application security

How To Improve Web Application Security?

By Shivangi Mishra 1 Comment November 26, 2019

Are you in “not-aware-of” category who are still not influenced by the IoT or cloud? Well, the development of new technologies is dragging us towards perfection. It is awaking the new expectations and demand to quash the loopholes in the existing technology. Yesterdays traditional and downloadable applications are fading away since the cloud has started […]

How IoT has Influenced The Healthcare Industry

How IoT has Influenced The Healthcare Industry?

By Shivangi Mishra 0 Comment November 12, 2019

Every penny we earn is to keep our self and related people happy and healthy. But health has become a priority, the increase in pollution and the addition of chemicals in food has certainly contributed as a vital factor for the shift. Today technology has smoothened the path, from consultation till treatment of the patient […]