How IoT has Influenced The Healthcare Industry

How IoT has Influenced The Healthcare Industry?

By Shivangi Mishra 0 Comment November 12, 2019

Every penny we earn is to keep our self and related people happy and healthy. But health has become a priority, the increase in pollution and the addition of chemicals in food has certainly contributed as a vital factor for the shift. Today technology has smoothened the path, from consultation till treatment of the patient […]

Why is Quality Assurance need in your business

Why Amazon and Home Depot Always Spend More Time on QA Activities

By Jahnvi Shukla 2 Comments October 24, 2019

Quality Assurance is a well-defined process to assure that product quality meets specified requirements and customer expectations. Software is a part of all of our lives that we can’t ignore. How do we feel when our software doesn’t work correctly? In this speedy digital world, a user doesn’t have time to be patient with software. […]

Developer Skills required for Successful Enterprise IoT Projects

Developer Skills Required for Successful Enterprise IoT Projects

By prompt 0 Comment October 18, 2019

Successful launch of IoT project then rafting it on the success stream and ending its as the spondulicks-oriented project remains tough if developer skill lacks for the completion of an IoT project in an IoT development company: Embedded firmware developers Back-end developers App developers Data scientists Hardware designers Wireless communications experts Front-end developers Automation and […]

Is IoT is actively shaping security needs at edge

Is IoT is Actively Shaping Security Needs at Edge?

By Ashim Goldar 0 Comment September 30, 2019

Today most of the technology is spinning the best version of the industry. Many of the always-connected devices are drawing the full advantage of cloud computing, meanwhile, IoT manufacturers and app developers are discovering to scratch the benefits of performing more computational analytics on the devices themselves. This approach skips latency for critical applications, decreases […]

Did you use the right mobile tech-stack in 2019 for your startup

Did You Use The Right Mobile Tech-Stack in 2019 for Your Startup?

By prompt 0 Comment September 17, 2019

For the success of a mobile app, the technology stack used for its development act as a critical ingredient. Neglecting its profound importance can lead to unavoidable failure. Hence opting a right tech stack is mandatory because it can cut off the high cost and time consumption required for mobile app development. Before taking off […]

Impeccable Features You Need to Have in Online Grocery App

Impeccable Features You Need to Have in Online Grocery App

By Shivangi Mishra 0 Comment September 4, 2019

E-commerce application has now become no new in the market, from food delivery to the real state it has cemented its worthiness. As per the Nielsen report, one-quarter of people use mobile apps to shop grocery, and it is expected that the percentage would reach to half in the coming years. The growing utilisation has […]

Why Do You Need To Redesign Your Website

Why Do You Need To Redesign Your Website?

By Ritesh Sutaria 0 Comment August 26, 2019

Renovation is required everywhere either its house, mobile app or website. It has been recorded that old and outdated websites usually backfires for businesses. It is usually recommended that business owners should update their website every fifth year. A beautiful website outlines your business and remarks its worthiness. So, a website can either upheave your […]

Get CRM Development Services to Strengthen Your Sales Team

Get CRM Development Services to Strengthen Your Sales Team

By prompt 0 Comment August 8, 2019

CRM, i.e. Customer relationship management software, has turned out to be a ‘must needed’ software today. The luxuries provided by it has dissipated the office management complications. There are many CRM development companies which provide development and customization services to boost business profits.  CRM software has been designed in a manner to satisfy the overall […]

Is It Easy to Have an Embedded Software Developmen

Is It Easy to Have an Embedded Software Development?

By prompt 0 Comment August 2, 2019

Embedded software, even referred to as the firmware, is considered as the soul of any electronic device. It resides inside the hardware controlling the functionalities of the device. If we look around, our environment is brimming with embedded solutions. The smart functioning of the electronic device is because of its native embedded software. In fact […]

Two Years of Flutter Framework Know the Latest Pros and Cons

Two Years of Flutter Framework: Know The Latest Pros and Cons

By Ritesh Sutaria 2 Comments July 26, 2019

The recent developments in the mobile app industry have proved the demand for having the best technology. The introduction and then the popularity of the cross-platform mobile app development has ventured many new frameworks to escalate the industry to the next advanced level. Currently, Android and iOS have become the best platform to work for […]