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Why SMEs Need to Add Internet of Things

Why SMEs Need to Add Internet of Things?

By Ritesh Sutaria 0 Comment September 9, 2020

Internet of Things, a familiar tech-solution is contributing to making a better tech-world for businesses and market. The infiltration of iot in every section has proved its versatility and frequent updates hints for the presence of unexplored potential. IoT has opened a new path to build vast networks of connected devices. IoT integrated management systems […]

Why is IoT impossible without an open ecosystem

Why is IoT Impossible Without an Open Ecosystem?

By Ritesh Sutaria 2 Comments August 24, 2020

IoT, i.e. Internet of Things has submerged itself in almost every sector, either its agriculture or smart home. IoT is the new need of the market and is looking for maximum growth. IoT has all the power to turn an idea into a reality, but it is dependent on the ecosystem. Have you ever thought […]

Six Inevitable Steps to Bring Digital Transformation in Your Business

Six Inevitable Steps to Bring Digital Transformation in Your Business

By Ritesh Sutaria 0 Comment July 29, 2020

Digital transformation isn’t a new word, but the need to add it to businesses seems to become mandatory. It will not just escalate the profits but also easy the working process. To brief it, we can conclude it like companies follow a constant cycle of creating value, monetizing value and defending value. Though the whole […]

How Can IoT Improve Supply Chain During COVID-19

How Can IoT Improve Supply Chain During COVID-19?

By Ritesh Sutaria 0 Comment July 13, 2020

The spread of COVID-19 has restrained the speed of businesses and interrupted the functioning of logistics and transportations. The current dilemma is how to sustain in the situation and to stop the economic meltdown while staying healthy. Many companies and manufacturing industries are struggling to supply the goods to the customer or market. Recent studies […]

Why IoT will Be a New Normal

Why IoT (Internet Of Things) will Be a New Normal?

By Ritesh Sutaria 0 Comment June 22, 2020

Covid-19 stress, technology disruption, modernization, and many other interruptions, we can now conclude that in coming years IoT would be the new normal. To say it straight, we have to accept that IoT would be the new normal. The dependency on IoT would increase and increase and increase. If you are not preparing yourself for […]

Transformation in Transportation through IoT

How will IoT Transform Transportation in the Coming Years?

By Ritesh Sutaria 0 Comment May 27, 2020

How far have you imagined the development of technologies? Have you ever thought of automatic driving car in your childhood? Few sci-fi movies might have created some imaginations, but who had thought IoT and AI would make it possible. The holistic development of technology has changed the outlook of every sector. Healthcare, houses, towns are […]

Use of Big Data in the Fight Against COVID-19

How China, US and Taiwan used Big Data In The Fight Against Coronavirus?

By Ritesh Sutaria 0 Comment May 12, 2020

Big data is no new word in today’s tech wrapped world. Today in this corona crisis situation, Big data has emerged as an incomparable tech invention for different purposes. It is used in the fight against CoronaVirus, thus suggesting the need for the further development of big data and requirement of Big Data analysis for […]

Can IoT predict future outbreaks

How can IoT be Used to Fight Against COVID-19?

By Ritesh Sutaria 0 Comment April 22, 2020

The current COVID-19 is disturbing countries; the increasing cases and death news has alerted everyone.WHO has declared COVID-19 a global pandemic on 11 March 2020. The world is facing challenges currently like identifying the origin of the epidemic, decelerating its spread, and having enough medical resources to treat patients. Pain points in a virus pandemic: […]

Can Projects Be Easily Managed in COVID-19 Stress

Need for a Project Management Tool in COVID-19 Lockdown

By Ritesh Sutaria 0 Comment April 13, 2020

The corona outbreak has coerced everyone to get boxed to save their own and others’ lives. The time’s call for quarantine is contributing to the deceleration of the corona flu influence, but it has also disturbed the market, economy, and businesses. Most of the offices are granting work from home, and it is pretty tough […]

Embedded Security expansion in the IoT world

How can Embedded Security be Managed in the IoT World?

By Ritesh Sutaria 0 Comment March 3, 2020

Technology has re-evolved itself to get its best potential look — the shift from a simple mobile to a smart one and now e-sim and IoT. Everything is just magical and startling. The Top Embedded Companies have stirred up to meet the demands and are absolutely nailing in their division. IoT has certainly come up […]