Month: September 2020

IoT-enabled smart collar to improve cattle management

IoT-Enabled Smart Collar to Improve Cattle Management

By Ashim Goldar 0 Comment September 30, 2020

The present COVID-19 situation has gripped the crowd-culture and demands for the minimalist culture, which means the least human-interaction, the more safety assurance. Corona-virus has limited the gathering at everyplace, either its an office or a shopping mall. In this situation, it has become a more challenging task for a rancher to keep a track […]

The Ultimate Guide to Mobile App Monetization

The Ultimate Guide to Mobile App Monetization

By prompt 0 Comment September 22, 2020

The emerging competition and latest technology introduction recommend having an eCommerce app for the business. Most of the companies turn their vision into a reality by developing a mobile app but is it enough? If your e-commerce app is not making money, then it is an absolute waste of money, because every investment needs to […]

Why SMEs Need to Add Internet of Things

Why SMEs Need to Add Internet of Things?

By Ritesh Sutaria 0 Comment September 9, 2020

Internet of Things, a familiar tech-solution is contributing to making a better tech-world for businesses and market. The infiltration of iot in every section has proved its versatility and frequent updates hints for the presence of unexplored potential. IoT has opened a new path to build vast networks of connected devices. IoT integrated management systems […]